Blue Sands
Sands in the blue sea water in the reservoir area of the park, Fang Xunqiang more than 1,300 meters long, extending to the sea more than 600 meters, the sea embankment Wai-made beach total area of about 790,000 square meters, from top to bottom generally can be man-made Green spaces and artificial beaches and blue waters three levels.

** Shenlong Ecological Garden
South Tianranyangba Shanghai, Shanghai-five large-scale forest pilot project is one of the national agricultural tourism demonstration sites. With foot bath, swimming, airship, fishing, tennis and other projects.

** Sui-vineyard
Park Communist China has developed 20 tourist attractions of agriculture: Eastern "rafts Dangyang", "Caiwa vegetables" and "fish in troubled waters", "hand-cranked water tankers," " Child to grow vegetables, "" classic trio "and other projects.

** Shanghai urban gardens
Fengxian District in the Gulf town, close to the northern part of Hangzhou Bay, leisure area to Mingteyouxin characteristics of vegetable production as the carrier and into eco-tourism gardens,
Bay Tour Resort
IntroductionFengxian Bay may o­ne day become the city's top tourist attraction if the di

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